This app is for outdoor adventurers. It was primarly designed for off-road racing where roadbooks provide heading and distance of the next point. It may be used for other purposes as well, like hiking, orienteering, geocaching, questing, for education, or anyone needing to calculate bearings and distances between coordinates.

GeoCalc uses a numerical algorithm for high accuracy (up to 0.5mm) with an ellipsoidal model of the Earth's surface.


  • Calculate coordinate of a point, given a start point, heading and distance
  • Calculate heading and distance between two points
  • Show calculated point on map
  • Use coordinates from current GPS position
  • Set calculated point as start point for quick consecutive calculations (continually enter only heading and distance)
  • Use either decimals or DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) for coordinates
  • Use metric or US/imperial units
  • Optionally save all calculated coordinates
  • Send calculated coordinates to e-mail
  • Available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Slovenian and Croatian languages