Pretty. Simple.

Minimalist user interface, clean design, great experience.

There's no settings (on purpose), however you can adjust the text size with volume buttons. No glasses, no problem. Hawk-eyed? We got you covered.


Color up

Use colors to organize notes.

Optionally add labels to colors. Eight eye catching colors are included, and eight more are available as in-app purchases.


Forever yours

Backup to Google Drive or local storage.

You can export your notes to Google Drive or to local device storage. Importing will not create duplicates. Only new or updated notes will be imported. You can also use Google Drive to synchronize notes between your devices.



Pixel perfect.

Every aspect of the app was carefully considered. The app is so astonishingly simple, that you have to use it for some time, to actually realize how much work was put into it. You can't see it, because it's imperceptible by the eye. You just feel it.


Pitch black

Enable dark mode to prevent eye strain.

If you want to go jet-black, also set your default note color to black.



As simple as it gets

Download and try it for yourself ;-)

Hidden options

Despite the simplicity, we haven't overlooked advanced users. Super Simple Notes has several hidden options. To activate them, open a new note, set them as the title of the note, and press back. Do not add any other text.

  • ##undo-delete##: Undo last deleted note. If you accidentaly deleted a note, and missed the UNDO popup, you can still undelete it. You can undelete it even if you closed your app afterwards.
  • ##delete-all##: Delete all notes. All your notes will be deleted. Be careful, as this action cannot be undone!
  • ##clickable-links##: Toggle clickable links ON/OFF. Enabled by default, and makes links, emails and phone numbers clickable. When disabled, links, emails and phone numbers will behave just like normal text.
  • ##white-black##: Toggle white instead of black ON/OFF. Dark mode also needs to be enabled. Disabled by default. When enabled, white color will be used for black notes. In other words, black notes will become white. Just like Michael Jackson.
  • ##regenerate-title##: Toggle regenerating of title ON/OFF. Disabled by default. When enabled, note title will be regenerated from its text everytime. By default, it is generated only when the note is created.

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